Your bills paperwork municipality affairs medical matters insurance property taxes driver’s license


bills paperwork municipality
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on our plate.

Live in Israel. Leave the bureaucracy to us.

We help 90 businesses every month

Are you an Anglo in Israel who feels:


by bills?
I’m never quite sure what I’m paying or whether they’re overcharging me. And I’ve been hit with too many penalties because of neglected paperwork.


by municipal offices?
TERRIFIED is the word! I just know I’ll be missing something or I won’t understand what I’m supposed to do.


in the language and cultural barrier?
I promise, I really am a competent, articulate adult… even though I sound and feel like a preschooler speaking Hebrew.

You have better things

to do with your time than decode reams of paperwork?
Yes, yes, yes! I could get so much more accomplished in my business if I weren’t so bogged down with administrative hassles.

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a new oleh or have been living here for years, Navigate Israel
is your trusted address and advocate for handling all things bureaucratic.

Offices we work with

Who our service is perfect for:

New olim

Just made aliyah?
Mazel tov! We’ll help you acclimate to your new environment and assist you with the necessary administrative procedures to get settled.

Anglos who want help navigating the bureaucratic system

Whether bills, medical forms or arnona discount applications, we’ll take care of it for you from A to Z.

Small business owners

We take over your paperwork hassles so that you can focus on growing in your area of expertise.

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Why you can trust us to help you Navigate Israel:

Care with the personal touch

Years of experience

Fluent in 3 languages:
Hebrew, English and French

Many satisfied clients

Understanding of Israeli cultural nuances


Here’s what the people we’ve helped have to say.

About me

For an Anglo in Israel, navigating the system can be overwhelming.  You need someone who gets it.

Hi, I’m Ouriel Dzikowski

As an Israeli-born oleh who lived here as a kid, moved to the U.S. for 10 years, and then moved back to Israel with my family three years ago, I get it.

I get the intensity and overwhelm of making aliyah and dealing with bureaucracy in a foreign language and culture.  And, as a Hebrew-speaking native, I also get the Israeli system and how to navigate it.

Most of all, I get the passion and drive to move to our homeland, to live your dream and build your life and family and business here in Israel.    It’s the most fulfilling life imaginable – but that doesn’t make it easy. 

After my second experience moving to Israel, friends began reaching out to me to help them with their own Israeli paperwork and bureaucratic needs.  And I quickly discovered that the typical American oleh comes to Israel with energy, expertise and enthusiasm… but not with proficient Hebrew.  

It’s not easy as a smart, successful adult to suddenly feel incompetent when you need to pay a bill or go to a government office.

It’s not fun to spend hours trying to decode a statement or application when you have so many more profitable ways to be spending your time.

That’s why I founded Navigate Israel.  I’m here to help you handle and understand your paperwork, bills, medical forms, insurance matters, taxes, licenses and any other bureaucratic needs – so that you can focus on accomplishing the important things in your life here in Israel. 

Important information to know

How can we help you?

Our VIP Service Option

Let us take your entire bureaucratic and administrative burden off your plate!



+ $39 for each additional child age 17 & older.


Want to learn how to handle your paperwork independently? 
With our individualized consultation service, you will gain a clear understanding of your bill, form, application or other bureaucratic requirements, and receive step-by-step instruction for how to take care of it.


/consultation up to 30 min.

Package of 6 consultations: $225

Paying Bills

Confused by your bills?  Worried that you’re overpaying?  
With our bill paying service, we take over the entire hassle of bill payment for you, and review each bill to ensure you are paying what you are supposed to.



Appointment Booking

Need to book an appointment for a medical or governmental office and not sure how to do it?
Tell us where you need to go and when and we’ll handle the booking for you.


per booking


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